Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader App Reviews

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Best Barcode Scanner

Very good barcode scanner. I havent been using it that long but I like it. Once it pulled up an entire catalog. I highly recommend it!

Very good.

Its good.


The very first item that I scanned gave me a low price of four times as much as I had just paid for the item. I paid for an app that I cannot use. My bad, dont let it be yours PS I had to give it at least one star in order to get my review in.

Barcode Scan

Does not work and I payed 2.99 Euro, am I ripped off? star is too many.

Again, WORTHLESS!! One star is too many.

95% success rate.

I have about 500+ compact discs (music) I want to organize. The success rate (scans) is impressive. If I can get data from my iPhone6 App to my PC, that will truly be impressive.

Super fast

Very impressed with the scanning speed and accuracy. This is a must have app for QR and general scanning.

Best Barcode Scanner out there

Love the update! Fast, reliable and beautiful design thats easy to use! Woot! Happy St. Patricks Day!


Wow! Ripoff! Followed directions - hit scan, NOTHING! Looked for app support, NOTHING! Fix this, and Ill change my review. Otherwise... People- DONT WASTE YER $1

Doesnt work.

Downloaded the free and the pro. iPhone 6. Neither worked.

Nice app but seriously needs an iOS 8 and iPhone 6 update!

Needs an iOS 8 and iPhone 6 update. Otherwise its a great app.

Not happy at all!!!

This app doesnt do anything for me. Youre better off with the free app. Seriously although its a $0.99 use it on something else.

The best

Omg this app is the best it really pick it up!!! Must have the app!!

should be called zombie ware

this app has not been updated since 2011. numerous attempts to access developer web page end in blank page. has numerous functionality issues, as documented in other posts. another waste of money.

Doesnt work

Waste of money as all I get is an internal server notice when trying to scan with either Iphone 3gs which uses IOS6 or Ipad2 using IOS7..

I like the design and speed, BUT…

So far everything Ive scanned, to include a pack of gum comes empty and ask me to upload the info. I even bought the upgraded Pro version, same ;(

Really, bar code scanner?????

Just for reading stuff at stores. No other useful purpose.


Dont waste your money. Im deleting this from my device. Totally useless and worthless.


Dont waste your money on this one! It gives you the impression that it scans bar codes, but IT DOESNT! It only scans QR codes!


Lousy waste of money. Four wines scanned and NONE in the database for this scanner. Boooooo!

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