Bakodo Pro - Barcode Scanner & QR Code Reader App Reviews

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Local search

Should be able to enter Postal Code. GPS not always available; Or prohibitively expensive when traveling internationally

Barcode Scan

Does not work and I payed 2.99 Euro, am I ripped off?


It works sometimes but not always

Barcode scanner

When I scan a barcode I get no results at all. The program asks me where did I purchase the product and how much I paid for it! Im not pleased at all with this app.

Not always on duty



This app is crap Id DOES NOT WORK

Crap. First, scan the item. Then email the developer to tell him what it was.

Three items - all national brands, no hits. This will be nice one day - but not today

Bar scanner

This a poor app because its author in getting the information he wanted ignored the wishes of the user. Does not deserve to be in the family of apple and apple-related apps.


Do not buy this apt

Bar scan

Could not get it to scan anything .

Not very helpful

Wow, I wasted 0.99 $CD

This app is a joke

Waste of time even to try it. The author want the users build up the data base for him/her so this can be benefitial.


Not very good!

Works fine

Needs to get proper light condition to scan - this is not a laser here. The database in construction but a lot of products are recorded and you can easily save the cost of this app. Please contribute before posting bad comments on this app .

Barcode scanner

Very handy app


Really like the pro version, arman :)

Well Done !

A pleasure to use.


The only problem I have is that it said I can scan any barcode but its only letting me scan QR codes but that could be because Im using an iPod touch

Great App!

Very user friendly and will come in very handy. Thank you!

Great app

Cannot live without it

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